Two clowns mix different ingredients towards the creation of unbelievable moments. To do so, they play with soap bubbles, magical elements, unexpected juggling and theatrical moments where there is always place for surprise.


A circus-theatre show that carries us to a strange circus inspired by a kind of Jules Verne’s aesthetic. Three anachronistic characters, halfway between reality and fiction, transform everyday objects into incredible artistic material, and they do so in their own language, the charabia (French for gobbledygook).


Two comedians arrive on their bizarre tricycles all the way from Italy. After traveled through many villages and towns, this couple of anachronic characters summon up children and adults to be part of their show at a local square, a street or maybe a theatre. Along with a simple and direct humor, risky tricks, comical and engaging games and unbelievable juggling, they will try to thrill the audience or, maybe, who knows… they will help them to find the love of their lives.