a CyrChronicity Park

Circus orientated psychomotor games. A recreational, alternative and non-competitive playful area.

CirkoMotik, The CyrChronicity Park, is a kind of interactive installation based on circus elements combined with psychomotor and balancing acts.
It is playground area that has been designed for the amusement of children and adults, to open up a space for body movement experimentation and to introduce them to some circus techniques. All accompanied by music played in a caravan.

The Park is organized in three areas:

1.  Psychomotor and reflex games: a variety of juggling ball games to practice psychomotor abilities and learn juggling.
2.  Balancing games: different types of balances and rola bolas (rocker-roller boards), small stilts, balancing bars and tight wire.
3.  Juggling games: balls, clubs, rings, devil sticks, diabolos, spinning plates.