Artistic data

Artistic data

Original idea & creation: El Negro y el Flaco Company
Actors: Gerardo Casali,  Rafa Espada
Actor-musician: Àlex Vives
Stage design: Producciones La Mosquitera
Costume design and creation: Olé la Gracia
Lighting designer: Sisco Gorriz
Video: Mikio Tsunekawa
Photography: Juanjo Marín
Web design: Cristian Roldán
Communication: Mercè Moreno
Production: Elsa Artigas


Assistant director: Miner Montell
Choreography assistant: Natalia Iannuzzo / Ana Pérez

Technical data

Duration: 1 hour aprox

-Outdoors: a flat space of 10 x 8 meters (by ground level)
and 10 fences for enclosure. We recommend around
150 – 200 chairs for the audience.
-Indoors: 8 x 7 meters, lateral legs and stairs in front of the stage.

1000 W (provided by the company)
220 V. electrical plug near the stage
2 hours prior the beginning of the show

Night outdoors performance: general lighting for the  stage
(provided by organization, or please contact the company).
Indoors: we provide a light plan.

Outdoors performances: Stage access by a wheeled 1,8-meter-wide cart, curb-free and with no obstacles.
Backstage or a place outfitted as dressing room with bottles of  water.